Magento 2.3, VPS hosting. I want to ask the question about this website https://www.marketplace.jawadditaksal.org

when the order comes, the customer receives the email very late after two hours, and admin even not receive the email after order. Even I set the SMTP settings. What other setting required for this.

and also how to change the display name of the email when the customer receives the email.

please look at the screenshot of admin panel: https://ibb.co/zVGtFMG https://ibb.co/THzZn7P https://ibb.co/3yjXpLC

  • Please check cron and smtp log – Amit Bera Feb 6 at 13:24
  • @AmitBera SMTP is correctly set but yes cron settings are pending, Could you please help me how to set cron setting, as it is and in my dreamhost panel these are the field what i need to fill in that : ibb.co/58cZ4rc – winnersingh Feb 6 at 13:33
  • @AmitBera waiting for your reply – winnersingh Feb 11 at 19:00

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