I have the class below:

class Company_Module_Model_Somemodel extends Mage_Core_Model_Abstract
    const SOME_CONST = 'constant_text';   

What is the proper and correct way to call the constant in another class? Like this:

$class = Mage::getModel('company_model/somemodel');
echo $class::SOME_CONST;

Or like this:

echo Company_Module_Model_Somemodel::SOME_CONST;

Can you explain why is the one better than other? Thanks!


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echo Company_Module_Model_Somemodel::SOME_CONST;

This one is way to go because Magento uses an autoloader and your class will be autoloaded by name

For further detail please check the reference link https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16792370/proper-way-to-handle-model-constants-in-magento

I hope this will help


You can call the constant as :

class ClassName {
    const CONSTANTNAME = 'ConstantValue';

Now you can call this constant as echo ClassName::CONSTANTNAME.

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