I'm in the process of rebuilding a clients site from their Magento 1.3 install to Magento 2.3 and am having a load of trouble setting up the multi site aspect... I've spent weeks googling and trying different solutions to no avail, so thought I'd see if there was a definitive guide out there (or somebody knowledgable enough to guide me through the setup) as it's driving me nuts!

What I'm trying to do is recreate the URL structure here: www.sonic8.com where you land on a CMS page with links to various territories all listed as sub directories of the main URL (i.e. sonic8.com/uki/ etc.) Each of these is a separate site with separate cart etc. This was simple in Magento 1 and fully documented but for some reason Magento 2 is proving a complete nightmare!

To document what I've done: I've got a fresh server install with a dedicated Magento provider that I'm accessing via an updated local hosts files so all the URL's etc. are exactly as they'l be when the site switches. I've created the websites, stores and store views in Magento. Setup the categories (root and sub). Updated the configuration to the new URL's for each site. Assigned a new homepage to the views. Created a new DIR in the root for each URL. Copied and updated the index.php files and copied over the .htaccess to this directory and I'm still getting nothing, nada, nish... Not a damn thing!!! Blank screen when I try and access the www.mysite/uki/ url...

Looking over the various index files that are banded around it seems that there have been changes to the code on this since its release and perhaps I also need to edit the .htaccess but all the info I can currently find relates to subdomains and isn't working!

If anyone could point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it as this is driving me nuts!


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