product migration (Dataflow - Profiles import) Magento 1.9.1 --) 1.9.4

I am having a huge problem with categories. When I tried to do the import at first - it gave me Errors saying the categories do not exist. So I created all the categories by hand with subcategories and subcategories of the subcategories, put in all the meta info and all. The issue is that every and each category on the new system has a different category ID than on the old system so I'm having to go through all of them one by one in the exported Excel file and change the numbers. I made me a table of which old category corresponds to which new category but it's driving me completely crazy because:

  1. When I use the REPLACE function of Microsoft Excel - it often does not replace the number correctly especially when working with single digit numbers (it throws the commas off and effectively change the other category ID's on the same product)

  2. after I've changed a number for example 2 to 25; if I later need to search and replace 25 (from the old system to let's say 16 on the new system) then it also replaces a number I already replaced (2 to 25).

Surely, there must be a more sophisticated way to do this?

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