I have a running store on magento 1.9x and we want to do a redesign, so we bought a theme without reading the comments about the issues https://themeforest.net/item/printshop-responsive-magento-printing-theme/14146009 I am currently unable to set up the theme as it in the demo they are showing and the support doesn't helped me much since I bought it and I am running out of time and options.

They provided 2 archives, one with the actual theme files and one with a magento files for a "quickstart" as they are saying and a database export for a new store.

Following the documentation provided I run into a 404 error when I tried to import the cms static blocks and pages.

I've tried importing the database provided for the new store and it surprisingly worked and I was able to set up the store as it was in demo. The problem is that by doing that I override the database I had for the running store I have.

The question will be: is there a way to somehow merge the database they provided with the one I have? or what should be the best approach for this?

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