I am unable to change Locale options in Stores >> Configuration >> General tab Configurations. After saving the configurations it shows 'You saved the configuration.' but there is no change.

Flushed the cache, reindexed but still no change. Checked console but no error in console.


update 1 Disabled all third party extensions but it still didn't worked.

update 2 Can't save any general configuration in Default Config store view.

  • which option to you have change? Feb 4 '19 at 10:57
  • Timezone and Locale both.
    – chanchal
    Feb 4 '19 at 11:00
  • please clean cache and remove pub/static/ folder Feb 4 '19 at 11:08
  • disable all your third party extension or custom module, and check if it will work again. if it works , enable your third party or custom module one by one to check which is causing the issue.
    – fmsthird
    Feb 4 '19 at 11:52
  • Disabled all third party extensions , but still didn't worked.
    – chanchal
    Feb 5 '19 at 4:45

I got the same issue and resolved through this page, If you are still looking for the issue just checkout this page : https://www.mageplaza.com/kb/how-setup-locale-state-country-magento-2.html

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