We have bought a Magento 2 site with hosting from a group of developers. Our site feels extremely slow, both in frontend and in the admin panel.

On google pagespeed insights we get 4/100, and our developers says that we cant expect top scores here because magento2 is a heavy framework that makes this almost impossible. I use laravel Valet plus to host my local web development, and this feels way faster then the site hosted by our developers. So I guess my question here is, what is acceptable speeds for a magento2 site on Google PageSpeed insights? to what extent is what our developers say about Magento2 being to heavy of a framework to get the top green numbers correct?

I am also wondering if there is a way to messure the speed of the admin panel? In the admin panel we have like 2sec wait time for every button we press, is this normal? I would love to have a way to messure this part of our site so I can have some numbers to present to our developers about what numbers we should expect there.

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