Can you please tell me where the assignment of the $block variable to the template occurs?


I found :

 $tmpBlock = $this->_currentBlock;
 $this->_currentBlock = $block;
 extract($dictionary, EXTR_SKIP);
 include $fileName;
 $this->_currentBlock = $tmpBlock;

But I don’t understand how the $block variable gets into the current symbol table? From where is $block taken in the template?

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As I can see, the $block was initialized when they call render() function. Example:


$html = $templateEngine->render($this->templateContext, $fileName, $this->_viewVars);

$this->templateContext is the $block that will be used on the template file

This is pure PHP feature, for more clearly, I created a test.php and template.php

  1. test.php

class Block
    public function test()
        echo '1+++';

class Test
    function render($block, $file, $directory)
        include $file;

$block = new Block();

$test = new Test();
$test->render($block, 'template.php', []);
  1. template.php

echo $block->test();
  1. My screen result:

You can see, I can use $block variable on template.php because I initialized it before including


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