How can I convert a product attribute type from Text to Dropdown in Magento?

I already have attribute values assigned to many products, so don't want to lose these in the process.

  • Use Select type – fmsthird Feb 4 at 0:43
  • How and where do I choose "Select" type? – John Doe Feb 4 at 16:41
  • Did you resolve your issue? – Shoaib Munir Feb 6 at 9:57
  • No. It's not that easy. As the option is greyed out. Changing it also implies a lot of database changes. So I've yet to find the solution... – John Doe Feb 7 at 12:47

Magento Won't allow you to change input type of an attribute, and if you somehow change it from database, values of attributes would still not work for you, as Text stores just a value whereas dropdown stores id of each option's value

Instead of working on changing attribute type you can do this:

  • You need to export the data from magento exporter. Like, sku, your_attribute

  • Delete existing attribute

  • Create new one with the same attribute code your_attribute

  • Import the data that you have just exported

  • Doesn't this interfere with native magento functions such as ->setColor( – John Doe Feb 4 at 16:41

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