Actually I'm refering to #19247 for PHP 7.2 specific issue.

that partially solved my issue but can't able to override that file.

I tried using preference here's what I tried. <preference for="Magento\Framework\File\Uploader" type="Vendor\Module\File\Uploader" />

But doesn't seems to work. Any idea ?


I strongly recommend to not use Preferences, because there are other techniques which you could use to update the input or output of a function.

For example you could write a Before plugin to update the incoming parameters or a After plugin to update the outgoing result.

But in your case it probably is not possible with a Plugin but then you could use the Composer Patch technique.

More information about Composer Patching in Magento 2 you can find here:



I write at medium a post how to Patch your Magento:


I also don't strongly recommend to not use Preferences same reason as Mr. Lewis.

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