I am using standard Luma theme installed with Magento 2.2.7. I would like to remove the "Reviews" panel completely and also the links below the Add to Cart button.

Where can I find the template files to comment these areas out? My theme appears to be inside /vendor/magento/.......

enter image description here


below override file in your custom theme after change it


add body tag in

    <referenceBlock name="product.info.review" remove="true" />
    <referenceBlock name="reviews.tab" remove="true" />
  • Thank you for your answer, I am new to Magento 2. Can I just edit the theme that is already there that was installed? Do I need to actually create a new theme to do this? – Holland Risley Jan 31 '19 at 17:31
  • you can not created new theme then you can change vendor luma theme – Rakesh Donga Jan 31 '19 at 17:32

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