On click place order button we get error message

"The authorize action is not available."

How to redirect on success page or custom success page. Please help me . After I click, response message show :

enter image description here

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This indicates the payment method against which the error showing is not configured properly.

You can verify it by temporarily disable that custom payment method and check whether you can place an order. After you confirmed the issue is related to the custom payment method, then double check all the configurations related to that custom payment method.

  • Download code from here "emiprotechnologies.com/technical_notes/…" and enable to admin. This show on frontend checkout payment. I select this payment and click on place order then show this error.
    – Dinesh
    Commented Jan 31, 2019 at 13:32

check you config.xml file remove this line or comment this


then remove cahche and check again


Open your payment method model and add param to your payment class:

/** * Payment Method feature * * @var bool */ protected $_canAuthorize = true;

This param is false by default


That error shows when you provide no proper data on "Place Order" action. Try to debug where the problem is. If you make a frontend processed payment transaction, then you must provide some response data to backend.



You have to goto your VendorName/ModuleName/etc/config.xml file path. In that config.xml file

Comment this line


Solution:2 (add param to your payment class)

Go to your VendorName/ModuleName/Model/PaymentMethod.php

Add this line to your Model Code

protected $_canAuthorize = 'true';

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