I learned today that our website was throwing 404s on many of our category pages. The only process that I think that could have triggered this was the execution of magerun index:reindex:all which had been processed a few times today.

  • The category is a child category of products with a slug of products
  • A URL slug is set in the category settings: as shirts
  • A URL Redirect rule exists for the matching category slug (products/shirts) request path and store
  • The URL redirect has a target path of catalog/category/view/id/25.
  • https://www.domain.com/product/shirts should render https://www.domain.com/catalog/category/view/id/25 - it does not.
  • https://www.domain.com/catalog/category/view/id/25 renders the category as expected.
  • Reindexing does not resolve the issue
  • I am able to render the category at https://www.domain.com/products/shirts if I make the following change to Enterprise_UrlRewrite_Model_Url_Rewrite_Request::_loadRewrite()

     * Load rewrite model
     * @return Enterprise_UrlRewrite_Model_Url_Rewrite_Request
    protected function _loadRewrite()
        $requestPath = $this->_getRequestPath();
        $paths = $this->_getSystemPaths($requestPath);
        if (count($paths)) {
        /** START: Temporary patch to bring categories back online */
        // if ($this->_rewrite->getId() && !$this->_rewrite->getIsSystem()) {
        //    /**
        //     * Try to load data by request path from redirect model
        //     */
        //     $this->_rewrite->setData(
        //        $this->_getRedirect($requestPath, $this->_rewrite->getStoreId())->getData()
        //     );
        /** END: Temporary patch to bring categories back online */
        return $this;

In my commented-out code, I see that !$this->_rewrite->getIsSystem() is returning true which allows the loaded category to be replaced with a "broken" redirect. Does Magento expect category URLs to have a true value on getIsSystem()? I'm just not sure where this is breaking down at.

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