I´m planning to build up an international Online-Store with Magento 2.1, every single country is configured as one Web Site for each available local language, has got a dedicated Store and one Store View.

Web Site -> Store -> Store View 
België -> Online Store (BE) -> English 
Belgique -> Online Store (BE) -> Français 
Deutschland -> Online Store (DE) -> Deutsch 
UK -> Online Store (UK) -> English

To switch between the "countries" I want to create a website switcher similar to the "Choose your country" page of the Apple website.

  1. What would be the right approach to do this? Should I create a CMS page? Since the content has to be multilingual: could the page content consist of static HTML or should the site links be generated by a module as part of my custom theme?
  2. How can I add a link to the "country switcher" in the header of my theme?

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