I'm getting a weird error in one of my orders where the header status is processing but order details are all cancel. Can anyone give me a SQL command that I can use to update the table status for the orders tables?

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You can use this one:

UPDATE sales_order SET status = 'your status' WHERE increment_id = '000000670' ;  
  • Thank you very much for your input. My problem was way beyond what I thought as it was created by the payment gateway plugin which made a mess of the status in various tables. Anyway all is fine now. Thanks for you help. – Alex Lim Feb 1 at 10:22
  • you're welcome! – fmsthird Feb 1 at 10:49

You should update the tables sales_order and sales_order_grid as Amit Bera said. In sales_order you need to update the state column too in order to have consistent data. So the correct SQL statement for updating the sales_order table is (assuming you want to cancel the order):

UPDATE sales_order SET status = 'canceled', state = 'canceled' WHERE increment_id = '{ORDER_INCREMENT_ID}';

You should check before if the related data in sales_order_item table is consitent (i.e. qty_canceled is set)


There are main two tables where Magento store order status.

  • sales_order
  • sales_order_grid

So, you have to two queries for an orders

UPDATE sales_order SET status = {ORDER_STATUS_CODE} WHERE increment_id = '{ORDER_INCREMENT_ID} ';
UPDATE sales_order_grid SET status = {ORDER_STATUS_CODE} WHERE increment_id = '{ORDER_INCREMENT_ID}' ;

{ORDER_INCREMENT_ID} means 000001,00000670.

  • Thank you. I'm making progress buy now I'm left with the order items showing it's canceled. :( – Alex Lim Jan 31 at 13:38
  • Alex Lim, this query is not proper for all case, Magento different logic on order process. Cancel and complete and close is not support for this query, – Amit Bera Jan 31 at 14:18
  • Thanks Amit. I jumped into CPanel and used phpMyAdmin to dissect the structure myself. It looks like there is more than meets the eye. In sales_order table, there are 2 columns which are state and status as well as sales_order_grid table which has a status plus sales_order_items which has qty_canceled too. Managed to edit the records and get everything fine now. Your post is of great help to get me started. – Alex Lim Feb 1 at 10:19

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