How do I better improve the performance of my search function in my Magento 2 website.

Every time i try searching a key word, such as Mi 8, it doesn't show results with the searched keyword in the title. Results such as Mi 8 pro & Mi 8 4+64GB should show up, but either no results shown or unrelated product listings were shown.

How do i get the search function to display related results for the users when they are searching, to show any listings that have the searched keyword.
(Showing all the listings with the word 'Mi' when i search it)

  • have you tried elastic search with you instance ? if you are on 2.3 it is supported with community edition by default – Vishwas Bhatnagar Jan 29 at 7:00
  • Elastic Search and the Amasty elastic search module for Magento work great together. It is what we use. – Anthony Jan 29 at 7:05

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