Basically, my problem is that I need to get the minimal_price of an configurable product in category view. Previously, this worked by using

$_product = $this->getProduct();


However, it doesn't work anymore. I noticed, that when it still worked dumping $_product would contain 'minimal_price'. Now, this is not the case anymore. Does anyone know what the reason could be?

  • Did you enable flat products? – Melvyn Jul 3 '14 at 22:35

Thanks for the input from everyone. Melvyn was right, flat products weren't enabled. I think I had it once enabled but the index wasn't refreshed. Thinking about it that was really obvious but until I found out the page became so slow because minimal_price was missing took forever. So thanks a lot, Melvyn!

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This might help:

$tier_price = end($_product->getTierPrice());
echo $tier_price['price'];
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