After creating an invoice for the order, I want to able to send a purchase email to the related suppliers manually by clicking a button for each supplier on order detail page.

The order may include several items from several suppliers. After creating an invoice for the order I want to send purchase order emails to the suppliers manually.

Each item has only 1 unique supplier. If the order has 3 items from Supplier_A and 4 items from Supplier_B, there will be 2 buttons for sending emails.

When I click the button it will send a purchase email to the related Supplier. Each email will use a different template for the supplier.

The email template will include only the ordered items list without the sale price

The email template should include sale order shipping info (name, address, phone) and ordered items list (without any sale price) to a specific email address by clicking a button.

Just click a button and send an email to each supplier that includes order info

By the way, each product catalog has the supplier name and email address for each product.

Briefly: 1- Placing the button(s) on order detail page for each supplier 2- Sending an email with the related email template 3- Email template will include order details without the sale price

How can I do it? Thanks ...

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