I am doing this on AWS. Below is what i have did in AWS

  • Created an instance in AWS
  • Installed Apache 2.4.29, PHP 7.2.10, and Mysql 5.7.24
  • Then i got connect to AWS instance via SSH using putty
  • Then i have downloaded Magento-2.3.0
  • Then i have uploaded all my Magento files to AWS using WinSCP (WinSCP is windows program)

Now, after doing all of the above, i came to browser and hit this URL http://ec2-3-16-11-144.us-east-2.compute.amazonaws.com/footpuppet/ to run the installation.

Then i got this error, please check the screenshot enter image description here

I have installed magento on other VPS servers and all the other installations are working fine, but i have problem with this particular installation in AWS.

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