New to MSE so hello everyone.

I was wondering if there is something that makes the product item description smaller on the category grid. Because its really long now and I need to increase it. I looked into similar questions and searched Google but couldn't find any answer. I thought my topic title is clear enough.

Anyway, is there a way to get it smaller, I took a look in attributes for product item but no possibility to change any of that. Maybe I'm just in the wrong direction. Please help.

Here a screenshot for it:

really long product item description

Thanks for any help.

Ciao, Hessel

  • you want to character limit of description? – Rakesh Donga Jan 24 '19 at 4:57
  • Hello @RakeshDonga Yes its really long now. Can I limit this:? – Hessel Jan 24 '19 at 9:33
  • yes sure but you can get here product description ? – Rakesh Donga Jan 24 '19 at 10:17
  • @RakeshDonga What do you mean with get here product description? :) – Hessel Jan 24 '19 at 12:24
  • here you have which attribute get ? give me code – Rakesh Donga Jan 24 '19 at 12:25

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