Looking for a solution to show the price difference for my color-swatches on my product page of my configurable product in Magento 2

E.g. Configurable product name: T-Shirt Variant - Blue (+50) Variant - Yellow (+100) Variant Black (+100)

Each of my variants are now shown only as "color-swatches", basically meaning the customers can't see the price difference before they actually pressing one of the colors.

Since theres no price on the configurable product in M2, i wanna start with only showing the price of the variants.

But since Magento out-of-the-box shows the cheapeast price of all variants on the configurable, it could make sense to have show prices as:

"Cheapest Variant" +/- "Variant 1" = Price difference.

Example: Cheapeat Variant: 100€ Variant 2: 150€

On color-swatch - show: +50€

Let me hear your suggestions, thanks.

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