We have a custom controller returning some json, this doesn't appear to be gzipped.

The response has: Content-Type: application/json, I've modified the root .htaccess to enable gzip but it doesn't seem to make any difference for the controller.

<IfModule mod_deflate.c>
  AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE "application/atom+xml" \
                                "application/javascript" \
                                "application/json" \
                                "application/ld+json" \
                                "application/manifest+json" \
                                "application/rdf+xml" \
                                "application/rss+xml" \
                                "application/schema+json" \
                                "application/vnd.geo+json" \
                                "application/vnd.ms-fontobject" \
                                "application/x-font-ttf" \
                                "application/x-javascript" \
                                "application/x-web-app-manifest+json" \
                                "application/xhtml+xml" \
                                "application/xml" \
                                "font/eot" \
                                "font/opentype" \
                                "image/bmp" \
                                "image/svg+xml" \
                                "image/vnd.microsoft.icon" \
                                "image/x-icon" \
                                "text/cache-manifest" \
                                "text/css" \
                                "text/html" \
                                "text/javascript" \
                                "text/plain" \
                                "text/vcard" \
                                "text/vnd.rim.location.xloc" \
                                "text/vtt" \
                                "text/x-component" \
                                "text/x-cross-domain-policy" \
  Header append Vary User-Agent env=!dont-vary


It does make css/js gzipped so the mod_deflate seems to be enabled and working.

I would prefer to not need to modify the controller itself because on our dev/live site we have varnish + cdn and those already take care of gzipping it.

The controller is made in a pretty "core way" so I don't get why it's not working. Anyone have any ideas?

The first class is the controller that is been called from an ajax request in frontend using GET.

class Vendor_Elasticsearch_CatalogController extends Vendor_React_Controller_AbstractController {
    // ...
    protected function _sendResponse($response, $httpCode)
        if (is_array($response)) {               
            $response = $result = json_encode($response, JSON_FORCE_OBJECT);
            ->setHeader('Content-type', 'application/json')
            ->setHeader('HTTP/1.0', $httpCode, true);

abstract class Vendor_React_Controller_AbstractController extends Mage_Core_Controller_Front_Action

The answer was simple.. just enable gzip in my local php.ini

zlib.output_compression = On
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