I try to center box with product details: enter image description here

So, in list.phtml I found code responsible for this box.

<div class="product details product-item-details">
                        <hr />
                            <h5 class="product name product-item-name">
                            $optionText = '';
                            $attr = $_product->getResource()->getAttribute('mgs_brand');
                            if ($attr->usesSource()) {
                               $optionText = $attr->getSource()->getOptionText($_product->getMgsBrand());
                        <?php if($optionText){ ?>
                            <div class="brand-name"><?php echo $optionText ?></div>
                        <?php } ?>

                                                <a class="product-item-link" href="<?php echo $_product->getProductUrl() ?>">
                                    <?php echo $_helper->productAttribute($_product, $_product->getName(), 'name'); ?>

                            <?php if(!$themeHelper->getStoreConfig('mpanel/catalog/review')): ?>
                                <?php echo $block->getReviewsSummaryHtml($_product, $templateType,true); ?>
                            <?php endif ?>

                            <?php echo $block->getProductPrice($_product) ?>

                            <?php echo $block->getProductDetailsHtml($_product); ?>
                            <?php if ($themeHelper->getStoreConfig('mpanel/catalog/disable_add_to_cart') == 0 && $themeHelper->getStoreConfig('mpanel/catalog/disable_hover_effect') == 1): ?>
                                <?php if ($_product->isSaleable()): ?>
                                        <?php $postParams = $block->getAddToCartPostParams($_product); ?>
                                        <form data-role="tocart-form" action="<?php /* @escapeNotVerified */ echo $this->getUrl('checkout/cart/add', ['uenc'=>$postParams['data']['uenc'], 'product'=>$postParams['data']['product']]); ?>" method="post">
                                            <input type="hidden" name="product" value="<?php /* @escapeNotVerified */ echo $postParams['data']['product']; ?>">
                                            <input type="hidden" name="uenc" value="<?php /* @escapeNotVerified */ echo $postParams['data']['uenc']; ?>">
                                            <input name="form_key" type="hidden" value="<?php echo $this->getFormKey() ?>" />
                                            <button class="action tocart btn-cart hover_effect" type="submit" title="<?php /* @escapeNotVerified */ echo __('Add to Cart') ?>">
                                                <span class="icon pe-7s-shopbag"></span>
                                                <span class="text"><?php /* @escapeNotVerified */ echo __('Add to Cart') ?></span>
                                <?php endif ?>
                            <?php endif ?>

In CSS file in section:

// Products Grid

I see code:

.product-item-details {
    padding-top: 11px;
    .product-item-name {
        margin-bottom: 6px;
        line-height: 1.1;
        a {
            color: #222;
            font-size: 14px;
            font-weight: 500;
            &:hover {
                color: @base-color;
    .product-reviews-summary, .product.description {
        margin-top: 8px;

after .product-item-details { I add code: float: left;

After update file I try delete generated folder and deploy system again. No result.

Any solution?

  • Can you provide the URL ? – PЯINCƏ Jan 21 at 22:32
  • You can check in Gerris.pl – Sylvester Jan 22 at 8:28
.products .product.name, .products .rating-result, .products a.product-item-link, .products .price-box {
    display: table;
    margin-right: auto;
    margin-left: auto;

.products .product-items .product-item-info .rewards__product-points .price {
    color: #878787 !important;
    left: 150px;
    position: absolute;
    margin: 20px 0 0 0;


enter image description here

  • I add to custom style in backend: prnt.sc/mah2ms but after refresh cache still I not see any changed in frontend – Sylvester Jan 22 at 9:46
  • The properties are not present in the website, please try to add them instead in app/design/frontend/Mgs/claue/Magento_Theme/web/css/theme.css then deploy the static content and clean cache – PЯINCƏ Jan 22 at 9:53
  • Also now I'm try to add this code to end of file theme.css and try deploy but still no result :( – Sylvester Jan 22 at 10:27
  • I don't know why but it should work, look my update – PЯINCƏ Jan 22 at 11:49
  • I accept your answear because you have right and should be all work. I try delete static frontend because I think there are no visible css changes on the frontend – Sylvester Jan 22 at 12:34

It's difficult to tell without knowing what theme you have, or seeing the rest of the CSS and surrounding HTML, but depending on what you want you could either add text-align: center; to .product-item-details to center the text, or set a limited size on the .product-item-details container (maybe a width: 60%) and margin: 0 auto; to center the box with the left-aligned content still in it.


.brand-name { float : right; }

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