I did update m2_catalog_eav_attribute set used_in_product_listing = 0; to reduce the size of flat table. Now the product image is not visible in category view.

enter image description here

The image is not being displayed because "Use in product listing" has been disabled for all attributes. I need to enable it again for the specific attribute. But I don't know which attribute. I tried to enable it for all attributes with "image" in its name, but no success.

Which attribute is for the product image?

enter image description here

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pls run command to resize images on frontend:

bin/magento catalog:image:resize

Solved my own question. The attribute for product images in category listing is small_image. However, it doesn't allow you to edit Used in product listing in admin pages. So I had to execute an SQL query update m2_catalog_eav_attribute set used_in_product_listing = 1 where attribute_id = xx.

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