How can I manage the order of products by using category wise instead of SKU name etc..?

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You can do something like this, but without more information it's hard to determine exactly what you're asking.

Try creating a product attribute with the Default Label as Categories. In the Storefront Properties section set Use in Layered Navigation as Yes.

Then navigate to Catalog > Categories and select or create a category. In the Categories Display Settings, set Anchor as Yes.

That category should now be visible and filterable. A basic guide can be found here.

  • Sorry, I'm asking about all products list. Can we search by categories wise? I have the number of categories available in my store. I want to search all related "Living" products at the same time. Product list has the filter but it doesn't show category wise. Do we need to code any for this? Jan 21, 2019 at 5:21

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