As I created a bundle product and checked the difference between "Separately" and "Together" by visiting/ordering this product in both condition but didn't find any difference.

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When I changed to "Separately" then I expected that on the cart/checkout page I'll get the option to choose individual shipping for each item( e.g- "1st T-shirt", "2nd T-shirt" etc) but not getting like that.both option seems same for me.

Here is the definition for both option:-

1- Together

Shipping together means that you can create one shipment for entire bundle items.


if you choose to ship bundle items separately, you need to notice when creating the shipment for each bundle item.

Please explain in detail so that I can understand well.


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If the products in the bundle are not located together it may be hard to ship them together. But if the items are of similar size/weight and fit in one box, you could cut down on shipping costs & time spent packaging the items.

If you want customers to have the option to choose different shipping methods for each item in the bundle, I would assume that the Separately option would be the best bet. If nothing changes on the checkout page, try to flush the cache or reindex the indexer.

  • Do we have the same shipping option for grouped product? Like option for together and separete Commented Mar 3, 2023 at 14:37

Example: you added bundle product to cart. That product is 5 items Shipping amount every items 5$

1- Together Shipping amount is one item => 5$

2-Separately Shipping amount is 5 items => 25$

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