I want to select the options in each dropdown in product details page if it has one option.
for example

dropdown : 1 (option)
dropdown : 2 (option)
dropdown : 1 (option)

Then on the selection of the first drop down, the second drop down will be active for selection and when we select an option from the second drop-down then if the third drop down has only one option then it has to be selected as default

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i have written this code in this file --> Magento_ConfigurableProduct/js/configurable.js (pub/static path) under the function "_fillSelect:" and after the "if (options) " condition close.

if (options.length == 1) {
                   this.options.values[attributeId] = options[0].id;
        if (element.options.length == 2)
            element.options.selectedIndex = 1;

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