I have tested my module2 module with https://github.com/magento/marketplace-eqp

I execute the following command

$ vendor/bin/phpcs /var/www/my/module --standard=MEQP2

I got the following warnings

Use of protected class members is discouraged.
Property name "$_pageFactory" should not be prefixed with an underscore to indicate visibility

My code is

protected $_pageFactory;

What should i do to remove those warnings?

I also got warning

Line exceeds 120 characters; contains 129 characters

How do i remove this warning?

Also got

"resource" is a reserved word in PHP 7

Code is namespace Blaze\Intely\Model\Resource\Myorders; I create folder Resource inside model so i use Resource in namespace I also search some examples they use Resource in namespace

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This are the general errors that are generated based on the standards. This errors itself tells what you need to change to fix them.

  • change protected to public.
  • remove underscore change $_pageFactoryto $pageFactory
  • Line exceeds 120 characters; contains 129 characters -> break the code of this line in more than one line (check the link I added below for better understanding).
  • resource is reserved key word so use any other keyword in place of it.

for more errors and there solutions please check awesome answer here-How to fix warnings / errors raised by the Magento Marketplace technical review report?

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