I'm trying to call REST endpoints from the browser. Initially, I'd like to be able to fetch product information.

It looks like session-based authorization is what I'm after.

I started by grabbing a Javascript swagger client from npm.

Now I'm trying to make a simple call to fetch products (I have but one in my local site currently).

m2.catalogProductRepositoryV1GetListGet().done((rsp) => {
  console.log('Products: ', rsp.body)

However, I'm getting a 401. Then I see this note in that same session-based-auth doc mentioned above

Customers can access resources that are configured with anonymous or self permission in the webapi.xml configuration file.

So I look in vendor/magento/module-catalog/etc/webapi.xml

<route url="/V1/products" method="GET">
    <service class="Magento\Catalog\Api\ProductRepositoryInterface" method="getList"/>
        <resource ref="Magento_Catalog::products" />

Notice no anonymous or self permission here. Now I'm thinking really? Products are not allowed to be consumed by the browser out of the box?

I'm understand Magento_Catalog::products refers to a Resource Model. I'm now trying to define and ACL, however, I'm unsure how to associate the ACL with public (not-logged in) users.

  • You can check version 2.3 with graphQL support that should allow to fetch product data without ACL (I am not sure what is the current scope of data available there).
    – Zefiryn
    Jan 17, 2019 at 21:09
  • Thanks @Zefiryn, it looks like I could spend a week wrapping my head around this lol. Jan 17, 2019 at 21:36

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You can create an API clone from that API:

<route url="/V1/all_products" method="GET">
<service class="{{your calss}}" method="getList"/>
    <resource ref="annoymous" />

After that, call your api and you can get them from anywhere without permission.

  • Thanks for your answer! While this might work it is less than ideal for a couple of reasons: 1. LOTS of code duplication, 2. Client library needs to be hacked to change URLs for EVERY endpoint Jan 17, 2019 at 20:02
  • Giving an upvote as I got this approach to work, but I gather GraphQL is the "right way" to do this from 2.3 onwards. That said, I need to learn GraphQL before that's remotely viable, lol. Jan 17, 2019 at 22:05
  • also, I found a setting . Hope it can solve your issues unless clone api: configuration > service > magento web api >Allow Anonymous Guest Access > Yes
    – the light
    Jan 19, 2019 at 14:36
  • Thanks, I will check this out on Tues and get back to you! Jan 20, 2019 at 20:50
  • spelling mistake in <resource ref="annoymous" />
    – Wolfack
    Apr 20, 2023 at 7:17

It turns out you don't need to subclass as suggested in the previous answer, you can expose a built in interface directly in webapi.xml e.g.:

<route url="/V1/custom/products/attributes/:attributeCode" method="GET">
    <service class="Magento\Catalog\Api\ProductAttributeRepositoryInterface" method="get"/>
        <resource ref="anonymous" />

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