I've inherited a mid-migration project from another dev, and need to start the data migration from scratch. It seems like it has been run before, and the M2 tables for product, customer, and order data have been truncated.

I've tried data and delta modes with and without reset, dropping the m2_cl tables from M1, and even importing the correct product, customer, and order info into those tables, but I keep getting the same vague warning when I run the migration:

[WARNING]: Mismatch of entities in the document: sales_order_grid Source: 17857 Destination: 0

Any ideas?


You need to not only drop the tables on your M1 database but you should completely drop and recreate your target database on the M2 site. Use the -r switch to confirm you are starting over and use -a for automatic.

By dropping and recreating your target, you will ensure that your target database does not have any residual data from previous migrations.

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