i'm new on magento developement. My "core_url_rewrite" datatable contains 3.000.000 records for 3.000 products.

For a given target_path, i have 1000 records but i dont known why

enter image description here

Please help. thanks

  • Please backup and delete your url_rewrite table and then run reindexing, so new products url will be generated automatically. – Aasim Goriya Feb 14 at 5:45

Hello @Shoaib Muni @Ludovic Parenty,

There is one annoying problem in Magento – the url rewrite indexer creates tons of unnecessary custom rewrites for products with duplicate url_keys. This happens during every indexer run. As a result, the size of the core_url_rewrite table grows to enormous sizes.

Please note that the problem is typical for Magento 1.7 – 1.9 and its above versions.

I hope this will make sense.

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