I want to lock particular customer account in magento store. Any options to lock or blacklisted customer account using admin panel


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Instead of making a module or having to recode anything, I did it through phpmyadmin. When you go in your files, go to customer_entity

Go to the customer that you want to LOCK out of their account. Click edit and go to the part that says


and I typed 10 because max failed attempts is only 3. Go down to


and use the calendar to choose the year you want the lock to expire. You have to be within a reasonable time for it to accept the date, like 10 years from now. SAVE

Then go to customer_grid_flat go down to


and put the same date as you did the other file. SAVE


Now the customer can't log in until you unlock it. Which if you choose to, you can do in the admin panel under their customer info. Customer Side

Admin Side

  • Thanks. One issue I ran into is the Year2038 Problem ... I tried to set the locked date to 9999 and 2099, but only until 2038 works, because our Datetime Fields seem to be 32Bit
    – Alex
    Jul 16, 2020 at 12:58

I don't think there is a way to do it from the admin panel, but you can set a value to the lock_expires field in the table customer_entity to a date really far in the future. This should lockout the customer.

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