I know this has been discussed several times, but I could not find any information on my problem. I guess its due to patch 8788. This is an older store and whenever I open a product to upload images the buttons are missing.

I get JavaScript errors so I checked the source using the dev tools in Chrome. In the srouce it looks like this:

 = new Flex.Uploader('id_866e99d3098a9212b06b94f068f22b75_Uploader', '', );

The source in uploader.phtml looks like this:

<?php echo $this->getJsObjectName() ?> = new Flex.Uploader('<?php echo $this->getHtmlId() ?>', '<?php echo $this->getUploaderUrl('media/uploader.swf') ?>', <?php echo $this->getConfigJson() ?>);

So as it seems $this->getJsObjectName() and the other similiar calls return nothing. Any ideas why and how to fix?



I had a similar issue with Magento 1.7.x this article solved my problem


These buttons are coming from flash.So check your media folder on following location


if there is no media folder then copy from fresh magento

This will solve your problem :) if not Try solution from below links https://stackoverflow.com/questions/15022532/image-upload-buttons-are-missing-in-magento-in-back-end

  • I found that, too, but I want to fix the problem without that please :)
    – Arnie
    Jan 17 '19 at 9:13
  • i have updated my answer please check it Jan 17 '19 at 9:16
  • Yeah, but the folders and the correct content are there, cache cleared as well.
    – Arnie
    Jan 17 '19 at 9:19
  • Please check to see if the following files are in their proper places: /skin/adminhtml/default/default/media/uploader.swf /skin/adminhtml/default/default/media/uploaderSingle.swf /skin/adminhtml/default/default/media/editor.swf /skin/adminhtml/default/default/media/flex.swf /app/design/adminhtml/default/default/template/media/uploader.phtml /app/design/adminhtml/default/default/template/media/editor.phtml Jan 17 '19 at 9:32

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