In magento 1.9.x if i click in "reorder" in an order page he duplicate the increment_id of original order and add "-1" in the end.

ex: order-> increment_id = 12345

reorder-> increment_id = 12345-1

where i can found this function? there is a way to change this function? because i need to create new increment_id

ex: order-> increment_id = 12345

reorder-> increment_id = 12346

thank you very much

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Open app/code/core/Mage/Adminhtml/Model/Sales/Order/Create.php

Check following method:

public function createOrder()

Check following code:

if ($oldOrder->getId()) {
    $originalId = $oldOrder->getOriginalIncrementId();
    if (!$originalId) {
        $originalId = $oldOrder->getIncrementId();
    $orderData = array(
        'original_increment_id'     => $originalId,
        'relation_parent_id'        => $oldOrder->getId(),
        'relation_parent_real_id'   => $oldOrder->getIncrementId(),
        'edit_increment'            => $oldOrder->getEditIncrement()+1,
        'increment_id'              => $originalId.'-'.($oldOrder->getEditIncrement()+1)


Comment out following two line:


NB: Don't modify core code. Use overwrite for modification.

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