i'm trying to put my local database on a freewebhost but i keep having problems..

I've recently developed my website and im trying to put it to a free webhost. I have downloaded my sql database in the .gz, created a new database on my new webhost and imported it in. my page is still blanke, and the techsupport are telling me that i need to change my configuration file of my php script, to upload the new user name , database name etc.. but where is that config file? where i need to go to access it and replace my new users? is there any other step that i need to do?

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    Magento and free web hosting are mutually exclusive. Free web hosting will be a shared environment where strict controls are set up for fairness of sharing those resources. Magento will typically fall flat on its face when it runs out of resources. – Fiasco Labs Jul 3 '14 at 1:52

The file you're looking for in Magento is located in app/etc/local.xml. You can edit your database name, server, username, and password there.

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