This query fetches all the student name and there ids on basis of topics but i want to get these result on basis of ascending marks ... i.e select student_name and ids where student_topic = topic but fetch them in the ascending order of there topic_marks
how and where should i add ->orderby() or ->order()

  $myTable = $this->_connection->getTableName('Students');
        $sql = $this->_connection->select()->from(
            ["tn" => $myTable], array('student_name', 'student_id')
        )->where('student_topic = ?', $topic);
        $result = $this->_connection->fetchAll($sql);
        return $result;
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    ->order('topic_marks ASC') try it or ->order('topic_marks', 'asc');
    – Aman Alam
    Commented Jan 15, 2019 at 20:40

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try this one

$myTable = $this->_connection->getTableName('Students');
    $sql = $this->_connection->select()
        ["tn" => $myTable], array('student_name', 'student_id'))
        ->where('student_topic = ?', $topic)
        ->order ('topic_marks','asc');
    $result = $this->_connection->fetchAll($sql);
    return $result;

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