I have a few custom REST API interfaces on my module & they all need to return a standard json response (different on each).
After a little research, I realized that I can't do something like @return object & that echo json_encode($res);die; is discouraged & that I can build a custom data interface with a getter method for every field.
For my specific needs, it'll require very long files with tons of getter methods (I have to return a specific structure of fields as json).

Is there a way to build this data interface without creating a method for every field in the response?
e.g. something that I can load with an array/object or even a json encoded string & it'll just reply with that without any change.
*I know that I can return json_encode(...); & define the return type as a string, but it's wrapping it with quotes ("{...}") & escapes & I don't want it that way.
-- Any Idea?


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