I couldn't find an answer for this problem and I hope someone can help me out. I have a magento 2 multi store version 2.3, a retail store www.example.com and a wholesale store wholesale.example.com, and I have a product sku: P001 this product is sold on both stores and I assigned different prices for each store and they also share the same inventory as they should so until here everything is fine, I have one product and one warehouse so this is NOT a multi warehouse issue.

My problem is that I want to assign different Advanced Inventory Options for each website for the that same product just like I assigned two different prices for each website meaning I want buyers to be able to buy product P001 with a quantity of 1 and an increment of 1 on the Retail store but in the Wholesale store I want them to only be able to buy it with a minimum of 6 and an increment of 6, I don't want this to be set on the global level but on the product level, how can I achieve this? the tier price option is not what I want either.

PS: I saw some people trying to answer this question in other posts by offering multi warehousing solution and this is not what I want, I want the same product displayed in two websites using the same inventory and have different Advanced Inventory Options setup.

See illustration attached and thank youenter image description here

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