In Magento2 version 2.2.7, installed extensions will disappear after a while of itself. These are different modules like:

  • honl/magento2-nl-nl (Translation to Dutch)
  • myparcelnl/magento (Shipping module of a transport company)
  • mollie/magento2 (Molly Payments, speaks for itself)

I can reinstall and set it up, then everything will work again. but to a period this has to happen again. Unfortunately, I have not yet found out what time period this is.


It's either a deployment issue or somebody actually doing this.

Module-Status is defined in app/etc/config.php maybe you are overwriting that file in your deployment/continous integration?


Thank you for your comment. (I only see your message now :() In the meantime I have re-installed magento (several times), and a solution seems to have been found for all problems. I still do not understand why the extensions have disappeared automatically. Now, fortunately, I no longer suffer from it.

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