I am creating a module in Magento 2. Now I am writing composer.json. Here I write supporting PHP version

"require": {
    "php": "~5.6.0|^7.0.0",

How do I write my module will be supported by Magento version greater than 2.1, not support by 2.0

I found

 "magento/framework": "^102.0.0",
"magento/module-backend": "^101.0.0"

What is the meaning of above lines . is it the version of Magento? what are 102.0.0 means?

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As far as I know, you cannot specify a version for the 'parent' project in general with composer. The version of a composer package (here the Magento shop) is even optional, so you could not reliably depend on it:

The version of the package. In most cases this is not required and should be omitted

And a Magento installation is consisting of Magento modules. And these modules have their own versions. Though it would desirable to tell composer "Hey, this module can only be used with version X of Magento", you actually have to make the extension dependent on the other Magento extensions, which seems to have their own versioning scheme (with versions > 100). And probably this is what you actually want, since (I guess) your module code really depends on those Magento core modules.

In the composer.json file of my installation (2.3.1) I found a required package "magento/product-community-edition":"2.3.1". It would be tempting to make the module dependent on this, however, this is discouraged:

Do not specify a dependency on meta packages (e.g. product-community-edition).

So it seems you should make your module open for different versions or specify the requirements in a readme file.

  • Regarding "magento/product-community-edition" I created an issue for the docs.
    – robsch
    Commented Apr 17, 2019 at 21:26

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