I have a i18n folder with 7 csv files which contain keys and translation into 7 different languages.

Then I go into admin panel and in General->Locale options, I select a language which is contained in my i18n folder.
All works fine as expected (I see correct translation in frontend checkout page).

But when within admin panel, I select the locale which I don’t have in my i18n folder, then in frontend checkout page I only see translation keys (and not translation them selves).

Is there a way to set a default fallback language to English for example, when the current selected language is not supported?

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I figured out one way of doing this: extend \Magento\Framework\Phrase\Renderer\Translate and the function “render”.

The “render” function normally returns a translation based on a translation key. If this is not the case and this function tries to return the translation key itself, this means the translation did not happen.

I fixed this problem by adding something like:

if ($translatedWord == $translationKey) { // translation did not happen
    return $englishTranslations[$translationKey];

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