I have two different instances for Magento 2. If the user is logged in on Site1 and access it, then after the user goes to the Site2 then it should automatically be logged in for Site2. I need that kind of functionality.

One user can access two different Magento instance with a single site login.

The user doesn't need to filled login details for site 2 it will automatically be logged in with same details which used for site 1.

Is there any another way or best option to manage a single account with both Magento instance? is it possible?

How can we achieve this?

Does anyone have an idea about it?

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@Utsav By default magento customers are website specific however you can set them as global from Stores -> Configuration -> Customers -> Customer Configuration -> Account Sharing Options -> Share Customer Accounts

Through this setting your customers will be able to access multiple websites configured on same magento instance.

  • Your answer is appreciated, But I have two different Magento setup and I need this functionality if a user logged in on the site 1 the user can access site 2 with the same login but automatically, a user doesn't need to filled logged in details again. it should automatically be logged in. Commented Jan 10, 2019 at 7:14

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