I have put the form for add new address of Address book in address book index page itself without redirecting it to a new page for adding a new address. I need to open the form html on click of add address without changing the url and redirecting to the http://localhost/customer/address/new/ instead i want to remain in http://localhost/customer/address/ page

1) http://localhost/customer/address/ page UI enter image description here

2) on clicking + Add New Address i need to put the html of the form which is at http://localhost/customer/address/new/ url

enter image description here

So that Save button will work exactly like as it will in /address/new url form.

How to achieve this.

Since address has /** @var \Magento\Customer\Block\Address\Book $block */ and address new has /** @var \Magento\Customer\Block\Address\Edit $block */ block, so i cannot just put the form phtml from edit.phtml to book.phtml

I cannot put edit.phtml form code in book.phtml it throw error as in edit.phtml has it down block

<?php $_company = $block->getLayout()- 
>createBlock(\Magento\Customer\Block\Widget\Company::class) ?>
<?php $_telephone = $block->getLayout()- 
>createBlock(\Magento\Customer\Block\Widget\Telephone::class) ?>
<?php $_fax = $block->getLayout()- 
>createBlock(\Magento\Customer\Block\Widget\Fax::class) ?>

codes like this throw error

<?php if ($_company->isEnabled()): ?>
        <?= $_company->setCompany($block->getAddress()->getCompany())->toHtml() ?>
    <?php endif ?>

where $_company variable is being used


Add These code in your phtml

 <button>Add New Address</button>

<div class="address" style="display:none">
Your phtml code for new ADDRESS


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