I need to make a few simple changes to an existing Magento site, and although I have some wordpress experience, my Magento is currently 0.

It's using a theme called Smartwave Porto, and the changes are fairly elementary:

  • One of the nav links has 4 sub-categories, and one of these sub categories has an image attached to it, while the others do not. I need to remove this single image.
  • On single product view there is a countdown delivery timer element. I need to move this further down the page
  • Again on the single product page there is a bullet list of features. I need to style this list a little.
  • I need to add a simple style transition when product categories are hovered over

The last 2 are CSS changes, while the first i presume is a nav/category change. I've looked in catalog>categories in the admin panel, and there is no image attached to the category in question, so it is coming from somewhere else.

Any help hugely appreciated, and if there's a tutorial or other reference that would help, hit me up!

  • check from here portotheme.com/magento2/porto/documentation/… – fmsthird Jan 9 at 12:51
  • 1
    Thanks @magefms - really useful doc! I had an issue getting the custom css to work and had to use !important, but got there in the end. I still can't see where the image in the category is coming from so I've just set it to display:none for now. – Doughballs Jan 9 at 15:45

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