Recommended way to properly filter the logs?

It's like a log4j Java app with every logger active, so essentially a flood of useless chatter. Is there any way I can configure or manage what gets logged? Mabye set a level threshold? Or even disable certain loggers?


I ended up throwing this script in the project bin/, and use it to start PHP's built-in webserver.


MAGE_DIR="${MAGE_DIR:-$(readlink -m "${0}/../../")}"
cd "$MAGE_DIR" || { 
    echo "cd $MAGE_DIR failed"
    exit 1

trap 'kill $(jobs -p)' EXIT

php -S localhost:8082 -t ./pub/ phpserver/router.php & 

tail -f --pid $PID var/log/system.log | grep -v '\(DEBUG\|INFO\)'

I'd still like to know how to properly configure logs, or if Magento even has such a capability.

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