My wamp server showing source code instead of excute?

enter image description here

Any help?

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    you need to install php module.check link stackoverflow.com/questions/12142172/… – Naisa purushotham Jan 8 at 12:54
  • @Naisapurushotham FYI -> snag.gy/E16DuM.jpg what is mean 304 error, and i am using wamp 3, how can i navigate /etc/apache2/ regard your solution. – zus Jan 9 at 4:59
  • share your phpinfo.php file code – Himanshu Jan 9 at 5:06
  • @Himanshu My Code : <?php phpinfo(); ?> If i run with i am getting errror page like snag.gy/BZhbQ3.jpg – zus Jan 9 at 5:09
  • @Himanshu may i know how to navigate /etc/apache2/) – zus Jan 9 at 5:12

Just go to : in your browser url bar

or using wampp

  • try this one @zus, no need to create a phpinfo page since phpinfo is already included in localhost server dashboard – fmsthird Jan 9 at 5:27
  • getting same error, return snag.gy/Q4KMIF.jpg – zus Jan 9 at 5:30
  • Updated httpd.cong file in chat @magefms – zus Jan 9 at 6:35

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