Hello, How can we achieve below?

if a customer selects options from layered navigation (Magento vers. 2.3) and then goes to a product page, and then back to the category/search view, all of their selections are wiped away. Is there a way to hold those selected options so customers don’t have to re-filter?

I sell CarParts Products. So, i setting in the layered navigation, 10 Attribute, 4 Attribute are only to configure the Automobile: Brands,Modell, PS,Year. if you set the 4 Attribute, then showing the specific products from this car. But if you change categories, or get to shopping cart, then wiped the Car Configuration attribute, and this it's very problematic for the scope of User Experience. For the restain 6 Attributes it' not problem if wipe or no, but minimum the configuration of the car most stay permanent for the full session of the User...

How can I set layered navigation filters programmatically?

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