I'm using Magento 1.7, and it uses the UPS shipping calculator at


Since yesterday afternoon, it has been returning a 404 not found and this is preventing anyone from placing an order! I'm very surprised that the entire Magento community isn't on fire with this event... so maybe I just have an old URL that nobody is using anymore? Does anyone know if this service has been retired or if it is a temporary outage?


You simply need to update the UPS Gateway URL to use "https"

To change this setting, login to the backend of your Magento website and then go to :

  1. System > Configuration
  2. Click “Shipping Methods”
  3. Click the tab for “UPS”
  4. Find the “Gateway URL” setting and change the url from “http://www.ups.com/using/services/rave/qcostcgi.cgi” to “https://www.ups.com/using/services/rave/qcostcgi.cgi”.

I put together a quick video on how to fix it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNHQb3X7Lys&feature=youtu.be


Ok, I figured it out, the shipping gateway now requires https instead of http.


Though, it is disturbing that I can't find any documentation about this API on UPS's website.

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