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Magento 2.1.6


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The problem is caused due to the permission issue on the static files.

To fix this issue;

1) Open app/etc/env.php and set 'MAGE_MODE' => 'developer',.

2) Go to file path pub/static/

3) Check whether .htaccess file is available (Press Ctrl+H to view the hidden file).

4) If not available, based on the Magento version, get .htaccess file in the file path pub/static/ and copy into your file structure.

5) Finally, clear your browser and Magento cache and check it. (optionally you can run the below command to clear Magento Cache)

php bin/magento cache:flush

P.S: If you still encounter the same issue after trying above steps, copy files under pub/static to some other location in your PC and delete all files under pub/static. Clean Magento/Browser cache again and try back.

  • Try it but still get same error Jan 8, 2019 at 10:52

Go to your magento 2 installation directory through terminal and run these commands.

icacls "C:\PathToMagentoInstallationRoot\" /grant Users:F

icacls "C:\PathToMagentoInstallationRoot\pub\" /grant Users:F

icacls "C:\PathToMagentoInstallationRoot\generated\" /grant Users:F

icacls "C:\PathToMagentoInstallationRoot\var\*" /grant Users:F

php bin/magento deploy:mode:set developer

php bin/magento cache:clean

php bin/magento cache:flush

del C:\PathToMagentoInstallationRoot\generated\*

php bin/magento setup:di:compile
  • I have installing on windows machine. Could these commands run on windows also? Jan 7, 2019 at 5:47
  • I have updated my answer according to windows. Please try this. Jan 7, 2019 at 14:23
  • Starting 2 commands are working but i don't have generated folder so icacls "C:\PathToMagentoInstallationRoot\generated\" /grant Users:F not working Jan 8, 2019 at 10:52
  • Okay, then manually create this folder in you magento directory and the run all these commands. and skip the second last command. Jan 8, 2019 at 13:58
  • did it helped.? Jan 9, 2019 at 14:38

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