In category_catelog_view.xml I need to move a custom layered navigation above the product grid. I tried all of the listed below

<move element="custom.left.layered_nav" destination="content" before="-"/> 
<move element="custom.left.layered_nav" destination="category.products" before="-"/> 
<move element="custom.left.layered_nav" destination="category.products.list" before="-"/> 

No one works but hide the custom layered navigation even I tried with catalog_category_view_type_layered.xml. But If I try with

<move element="custom.left.layered_nav" destination="category.product.list.additional" before="-"/> 

works fine. But in that case product_list_toolbar goes before the custom filter which is not expected. How to solve this issue? Thanks.

  • Did you created a custom.left.layered_nav? If yes then please update the code what you have done? – Sukumar Gorai Jan 3 at 10:51

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